Mobile health. This guy knows what he's talking about.

Marty Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone on mobile health: 


The introduction of mobile telephony, the cell phone, was a revolution. A revolution changes your behavior—makes you live differently. And there’s no question that people live differently because they have cell phones.  But I think there are going to be two new revolutions, both of which have already started. The one that’s most underway now is mobile health, also called telemedicine. The other one is social networking.

My Story

My name is Jeremy Williams and I'm the founder of QuitJuice. I'm an entrepreneur, web designer/developer, artist, family guy. I'm also an ex-smoker. 

I started smoking 16 years ago and, like most people, struggled to quit. One day a friend handed me a stack of papers with all kinds of facts about the harmful effects of smoking. “Nice try," I thought. "Like I'm really going to read all of this.” In spite of myself, I started reading and was shocked by what I saw. Some of what I saw I already knew but much of it was new to me. I thought about how powerful this information and that, maybe I’d quit if I read through it all. The sad truth is, I didn’t finish reading. I only read a few pages before I set the stack of papers down and went back to work.

What I learned is that I am limited in my ability to digest scientific facts about negative effects of smoking. This isn't just something that's difficult for me, it's true for everyone. Facts help us arm our minds against the urge to light up. However, they're easy to forget over time and too many, all at once, can be overwhelming. The truth is, the initial shock of real, disturbing facts wears off both with time and volume.

In late 2010, I started thinking about quitting again and remembered my experience with the pages of smoking facts. I felt that I needed to revisit that information but I didn't want to repeat the same mistake and drop out after three pages. What I really needed was bite sized chunks of facts and tips to build up and maintain my motivation to throw away my cigarettes and quit - once and for all. That's why I developed QuitJuice. For myself, and for anyone else who's struggled like I did.

If you or your loved one is anything like me when it comes to smoking, they need QuitJuice. You may have been trying to quit for months or years. With QuitJuice, It's never been easier to get and stay motivated to kiss cigarettes goodbye. QuitJuice could be the game changer you’ve been waiting for.

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