Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a smart phone, like iphone or android, to use QuitJuice?

No. QuitJuice Voice can even be sent to a regular land line. Any text enabled cell phone can receive the text messages. In fact, you can opt to just receive messages by email only if that's your bag.

Am I limited to only one type of message delivery format?

You can choose to receive one, two or all three formats and can easily change that at any time.

My phone number changed. How do I change my QuitJuice account?

After you login  just click "Click to Manage" and then click the edit button beneath the Recipient information.

I don't smoke but know someone who does and would like to help them quit. Can I buy it for them?

Yes. Please do. During the sign up you can choose who will receive the messages. Just put her name, phone, and email in the form.

Is QuitJuice worth the money?

Besides the obvious value of living a healthier and longer life, absolutely! Most smokers spend over $200 per month on cigarettes. If QuitJuice helps you smoke just one less cigarette per day, it more than pays for itself.

Can I change when my messages are scheduled?

Yes. After you login just click "Click to Manage" and adjust the settings.

Hey, I've got a question but its not on this FAQ!

No problem. Just contact us with your question and we'll be all over it like ugly on an ape, or white on rice, or stink on... well, we'll just be glad you did.


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