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What's the big picture?

QuitJuice is: Powerfully motivating facts, tips, and encouragement to quit smoking delivered to you fresh daily by voice, email, and text.

It's super easy to use and doesn't require a smart phone, so your grandma can use it too.

There are some graphics below if you want to see the scheduler.

How do I start?

Simple, sign up in 3 easy steps here.

How is this different from other smoking cessation sites?

  • We come to you where you are instead of making you come to us.
  • QuitJuice empowers by informing you a little every day.
  • You don't need a smart phone, or even a computer to use it once it's set up.
  • Great to use alongside any/all other smoking cessation products

What's your funding status?

Currently, we are not funded.

Who is your target market?

All smokers know they should quit, but this is especially great for:

  • Smokers procrastinating or not trying to quit due to lack of motivation
  • Family / friend who loves a smoker & wants to help
  • Recent ex-smokers who need to remember how much smoking sucks.

Can I get in touch with the founder?

Sure! E-mail or on the twitter @QuitJuice

Graphics and Media


QuitJuice Logo on Dark BGQuitJuice Logo on Transparent BG

QuitJuice Cup on Dark BGQuitJuice Cup on White

Screen shot of the scheduler to show how very simple it is.



If you haven't already, sign up and get juiced to quit!